Are these STLgrillzz Permanent or Pullouts?

These custom grillz are pullouts. NOT PERMANENT

How long does the process take?

Shipping is usually 2 days and once we receive the mold dental impression the grillz usually takes about 3-4 days to finish.

Can anyone else use my STLgrillzz?

These grillz are custom made for your teeth and your teeth only.

Can I eat with STLgrillzz on?

We honestly don't recommend to.

Would it change colors if I smoke in them?

These are real gold grillz, they should never turn any other colors. So Yes you can smoke with them on.

Do the STLgrillzz come with warranty?

All grillz comes with warranty. However if the grill is physically damaged to the point it wont come back then we can make a new one with the old grill for half the price.

What happens if I smashed my STLgrillzz?

You can bring it back with the mold impression to make a new one for half of the price you paid for.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

We currently only accept credit card payments and PayPal. More payment methods will be added in the future.

What Currency are the prices displayed in?

All of our prices are displayed in USD.

What are your shipping options and how long will it take?

United States: $4.99 flat rate, 2-5 business days
Other countries: prices vary, 7-20 business days

Do I get a receipt for my order?

You will be sent a receipt for your order by email after payment is made. You will also receive a confirmation email with a tracking number once your item has been shipped.

Can I mix and match any of the designs?

Yes!! We want you to have your custom grill the way you would like it. For Example: you can purchase 4 Classic Open Faces and 2 Princess Diamond Cut Teeth for the fangs and make it a total of 6 teeth.

How do you keep STLgrillzz Clean?

With any visible debris, food, dirt, smudge, simply rinse under warm water and use a tooth brush of some sort and simply brush it off. To restore shine if the shine is lost you will need to purchase a pack of GOLD RAGZ.

What are my benefits of STLgrillzz?

With one of the grillz sets, you will become part of the Gold Teeth Culture. For males, the ladies will love it. For females, you couldnt get any sexier with a pair

Does STLgrillzz make me Sexy?

Gold Teeth is now the IT thing in the jewelry fashion world. To each has their own preference. In our opinion the answer is YES!!!!!