• STEP 1: Shop on our site and make your  payment via our secured and protected system. (PAYPAL) (Be crystal clear about Type of gold, color, number of teeth, top and/or bottom set)
  • STEP 2: Receive Mold Kit
  • We ship mold kit to your address/you can just checkin to our store:5898 Delmar Blvd Saint Louis, MO 63112
  • STEP 3: Get a clean Teeth impression and send it to our address with your payment receipt with it (address as mentioned above)
  • STEP 4: Be patient we will deliver your grillz in 3 business days (depends on type of grillz)
  • STEP 5: Enjoy your new smile whenever the grill set touches down!
  • Fully customized grillz available. If you have a customization in mind that is not shown , message us and we’ll make it happen for sure. 


How to use use mold kit

  1. Get the impression tray and stand in front of a mirror
  2. Open set of putty ,both white and color
  3. Use fingers to knead the impression material till to a uniform color with in 45seconds or less
  4. Roll into the shape of log. Load and spread evenly into the upper tray
  5. Place the tray over the center of teeth and press gently to the end DO NOT BITE!!!! 
  6. Open the mouth and pull down straight 
  7. Repeat the procedure for lower tray, You will get perfect results